Medicine waste – how you can help!

Unused prescription medicines cost the NHS in Bolton a whopping £1.5 million every year! That’s a lot of medicines being prescribed for patients but not taken. Could some of them be yours?….

This is our NHS and we all need to do our bit. By working together, we can make sure NHS money is used to make our health services better, not wasted.

Don't let them pile up!

Do you have regular medicines on repeat prescription?  It’s tempting to order the same items every time ‘just in case’ but a quick check in the cupboard at home is all it takes to avoid a lot of waste.  Do you arrange for your pharmacy to order your regular medicines for you?  Don’t forget to let them know if you’re getting too much.  If you have any unused or out of date medicines, take them to your local pharmacy to be disposed of safely.  Whatever you do – don’t flush them down the loo!

How about a medicine review?

Not sure about a medicine you’ve been prescribed?  A medicine review is a great way to make sure you get the best treatment possible.  Ask about a medicine review at your GP practice.  After all, you never know… the best medicine for you might be right around the corner! 

Don't share...

Your prescription is personal and your medicine has been picked out just for you.  It’s dangerous to share, so be a little selfish and keep your prescription medicines all to yourself.